Rónai Krisztina

In the early 80s, Hungary did not have great opportunities to realize our dreams. We've been locked out of the big world. There was no choice in the shops so our homes were equipped with the most basic equipment. My mother bought the ugliest furniture in our new flat, where we moved. I was really looking forward to .... I imagined the most beautiful things in it. I still remember how much I got down when I saw the ugly brown-red floor rug with the red-colored armchairs ....

I designed my first room at school at the art class. I could be 10 years old, the teacher asked us to draw where we live and how we would like it to be. It was so successful that they said everybody should pay attention to this and I should go along this path.

Later, however, love remained for creation, but I was attracted to the world of fashion. And I began to design clothes. With much of a success. I moved to Italy where I got a lot of professional experience.

After the birth of my dearest child, however, I began to be interested in home-creation again. We moved back to Hungary and began to deal with Real Estate sales. I did not even think how nice it was, but mainly that it was a profession for me. It soon became apparent that there was a great demand, that after people buy their property, they want to create a liveable, intimate home.

But where should they begin? How to solve it? To whom to turn? Who can they trust?

That's why our company was founded!
From design to the key handover, we realize your dreams!